Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

 “easyJet” means easyJet Airline Company Limited, an English company (company no 3034606), whose registered office is at Hangar 89, London Luton Airport, Luton LU2 9PF. easyJet acts as principal for flights and disclosed agent for Mondial, Europcar and Holiday Extras
“Europcar” means Europcar International S.A.S.U, a French company (company no 542065305), whose registered office is at 3 Avenue du Centre, 78881, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France. Europcar will provide car hire on the Website
“Holiday Extras” means Holiday Extras Limited, an English company (company no 01693250), whose registered office is at Ashford Road, Newringreen, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4JF. Holiday Extra will provide airport parking on the Website. 
“Lowcostbeds” means AG, a company registered in Switzerland with its registered office address at Maria-Stader-Weg 4, 8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland, whose registered company number is CH-440.3.025.046-7. Lowcostbeds acts as disclosed agent for accommodation and transfer service providers.
“Mondial” means Mondial Assistance Europe N.V., registered in the Netherlands and having its registered office at Poeldijkstraat 4, 1059VM Amsterdam, The Netherlands (previously known as Elvia Travel Insurance International N.V.); and Mondial Assistance International AG, registered in Switzerland and having its registered office at Hertistrasse 2, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland (previously known as Elvia Reiseversicherungs-Gesellschaft). Mondial will provide travel insurance on the Website.
"we", "us" and "our" means easyJet and Lowcostbeds
“Website” means the easyJet Holidays’ website at
"you" and "your" means all persons named on your booking confirmation (including anyone who is substituted or added at a later date).
By using or visiting the Website you agree to these Booking Conditions (“the Terms”), the Privacy Policy click here and the Terms of Use click here and you expressly consent and agree to be bound by all of these and all applicable laws and regulations that govern this Website and your booking.
References to “third party suppliers” means any or all owners/providers of the following: hotels, apartments, villas and other accommodation; transfer services; insurance; car rental; or any other travel services listed on the Website.

1. Your Contracts

1.1 Through the Website you can book easyJet flights as well as other travel services to create a holiday. These Terms apply in relation to contracts arranged by easyJet, both as principal for flights, and as disclosed agent for Mondial in relation to travel insurance and for Europcar in relation to car rental and by Lowcostbeds as disclosed agent for all other third party suppliers specified in the written confirmation issued to you when making a booking. The provisions set out in these Terms will be subject to the terms and conditions of each third party supplier, or disclosed agent of each third party supplier, that is providing or arranging an element of your holiday.  Please note that some hotels in certain countries may require a credit card imprint at check-in to act as a guarantee against any incidental charges that may be incurred during your stay.

1.2. There will be various legal contracts between you and easyJet and you and each third party supplier. Until your booking and any extras have been confirmed by us no contracts have been formed. We shall treat the holidays you book with us as a ‘package’ for the purposes of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (the ”Package Travel Regulations”).

1.3. In relation to flights booked through the Website, easyJet shall act as principal and will arrange your flight in the normal manner with the resulting legal contract being between you and easyJet. The terms and conditions that shall apply in addition to (and where there is any inconsistency, shall prevail over) these Terms are the easyJet terms and conditions set out here click here. Please note that article 15 does not apply to your booking. Please refer to clause 5 below for further details about your financial protection.

1.4. When you book a hotel (and any other travel services) with your easyJet flights to create a holiday through the Website you will have legal contracts with easyJet for the flight as well as with the relevant third party suppliers, and your holiday will be protected under the Package Travel Regulations. Please see below at clause 5 for more details about your financial protection. In addition to these Terms, the terms and conditions that shall form your contracts with each third party supplier, or disclosed agent of each third party supplier, of a non-flight element of your holiday shall be each third party suppliers’ or disclosed agents’ relevant terms and conditions. You should make sure you are aware of such terms and conditions; for Lowcostbeds terms and conditions please  click here. For Mondial terms and conditions please click here, for Holiday Extras terms and conditions please click here and for Europcar terms and conditions please click here.

1.5. Please note that some clauses below apply regardless of the holiday you book. However, other clauses dealing with issues such as your financial protection and administration fees differ according to the holiday that you have booked. We have tried to make these Terms as user friendly as possible.

1.6. If there is any conflict between these Terms and a third party supplier’s terms and conditions, the third party supplier’s terms and conditions shall prevail.


2. Making your booking

2.1. The person making your booking (the "Lead Contact") must be UK resident and at least 18 years of age, and must be authorised to make the booking on behalf of all members of your party. We and any of the suppliers with whom your contracts are made reserve the right to cancel your booking if the Lead Contact is not over 18 and a UK resident you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the booking value. When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept these Terms (which are governed by English law, and the jurisdiction of the English courts) on behalf of all members of your party. The Lead Contact is also responsible for making all payments due for your holiday.

2.2. You may place your offer to make a booking by:

2.2.1. visiting the Website, following the process for registering and making a booking on the Website and clicking on the appropriate confirmation button. Please note that it is important that you check the information that you enter and correct any errors before making your booking; or

2.2.2. telephoning 0843 1041000 and talking to a member of our sales team. 

2.3. Your booking may or may not be accepted at the discretion of easyJet and Lowcostbeds

2.4. easyJet shall collect payment on behalf of itself for flights and on behalf of each third party supplier or disclosed agent of each third party supplier. The money collected will be passed to each third party supplier or disclosed agent of each third party supplier. On receipt of your payment, your booking will be processed. Where any payment you make is not authorised you will be returned to the previous page on the Website and we shall not be obliged to arrange your holiday. If you pay a deposit to secure your holiday your booking will be confirmed subject to you making final payment for the full balance of the holiday price by the date notified to you at the time of booking.  


 3. Pricing

3.1. We reserve the right to alter the prices and other content of any of the holidays and other services shown on the Website. You will be advised of the current price of the holidays and services that you wish to book before your booking is confirmed. Where we act as disclosed agent for a particular holiday or service provider we will make sure that the relevant third party suppliers are paid.

3.2 The Website contains a large number of holidays and services. We carry out frequent checks to detect any errors, but it is always possible that some of these holidays and services listed on the Website may be incorrectly priced. If they do occur, we will act immediately to minimise inconvenience and disappointment that may be caused. We reserve the right to cancel any booking where obvious errors in pricing have occurred.

3.3. When you make your booking you may be given the option to pay a variable non-refundable deposit per person, which will be notified to you at the time of booking. The time limit in which you have to pay the full balance of your holiday is variable and will be notified to you at the time of booking.

Please note: we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and retain your deposit if you fail to pay the full balance of your holiday by the date notified to you at the time of booking.

3.4. Changes in any of the following: (i) transportation costs, including the cost of fuel; (ii) dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and airports; or (iii) exchange rates, may mean that the price of your travel arrangements change after you have booked. There will be no such changes within thirty (30) days of your departure. You will not be charged for any increase up to the equivalent of 2% of the price of all your holiday, which excludes insurance premiums and any amendment charges. You will be charged for the amount over and above that, plus an administration charge of £1.00 per person. If this means that you have to pay an increase of more than 10% of the price of your holiday, you will have the option of accepting a change to another holiday if one is available (if this is of equivalent or higher quality you will not have to pay more but if it is of lower quality you will be refunded the difference in price), or cancelling and receiving a full refund of all monies paid, except for any amendment charges. An appropriate refund of insurance premiums paid will be considered if you can show that you are unable to transfer or re-use your policy. Should you decide to cancel for this reason, you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days from the issue date printed on your final invoice. Should the price of your holiday go down due to the changes mentioned above, by more than 2% of your holiday cost, then any refund due will be paid to you. However, please note that holidays and services are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your holiday due to contractual and other protection in place. 


 4. Your financial protection

The Package Travel Regulations require us to provide security for the monies that you pay for holidays booked from the Website and for your repatriation in the event of insolvency.


When you book your holiday on either the website or through the call centre, easyJet takes your full payment and holds it safely until after you have started your holiday. At this point in time the money easyJet holds for the account of other service providers will be passed to Lowcostbeds which act as agent for the hotel and transfers and as appropriate, to other providers of services. During this period of time if easyJet became insolvent either before or during your holiday, your money is insured and will be protected as easyJet retains the money until the services for which you have contracted for have been received If during your holiday you need to be repatriated as a result of a problem with the hotel then the costs of this will be covered and easyJet as your airline will ensure that you are repatriated. In order to provide this security not only does the financial strength of easyJet give you peace of mind, but easyJet has also taken out insurance through International Passenger Protection Limited which you will automatically benefit from when booking a holiday either through the website or through the call centre, This provides you with the necessary protection for your holiday as set out in the Package Travel Regulations. When you buy such a protected holiday you will receive a confirmation invoice confirming your arrangements and your protection.


If any supplier of services, including your airport parking (Holiday Extras) hotel and transfer (, car rental (Europcar) or travel insurance (Mondial) provider, entered insolvency then as easyJet has retained the money, easyJet will try to find you alternatives in accordance with clause 7.2 below (If we change or cancel your holiday). If you opt for a refund, as easyJet has retained all monies until the services are provided, easyJet will be in a position to refund you the full payment for your holiday and, if necessary, will repatriate you if you have commenced your holiday.


5. If you make changes to your holiday

If, after the holiday confirmation has been issued, you wish to change your holiday in any way, for example your chosen departure date or accommodation, we will try to arrange for these changes to be actioned but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing from the Lead Contact. Some changes will be treated by us as a cancellation of your existing holiday and a request to book a new holiday. Where this is the case we will inform you of this in response to your request to change your holiday. You will be asked to pay an administration fee [of (£35 for each amendment made)], and any further cost we incur in making this alteration, including if applicable the cancellation charges pursuant to clause 6 and listed in clause 8 below. You should be aware that these costs could increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible. Note: certain travel arrangements will be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant third party supplier(s) and may not be changeable after a reservation has been made. Any alteration request could incur an administration fee of up to 100% of the value of the holiday in question. 


 6. If you cancel your holiday

The Lead Contact may cancel your holiday at any time. This includes selected changes to your travel arrangements. You will be informed on making a change whether or not it is being considered a cancellation as set out in clause 5 above. Cancellations must be notified to us in writing via fax, letter or e-mail Since administration costs are incurred in cancelling your holiday, you will have to pay the applicable administration fees up to the amounts shown in clause 8 (Charges) below as well as any cancellation fees we incur in cancelling the third party elements of your holiday.


7. If we change or cancel your holiday

7.1. It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements. Occasionally however, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time subject to clause 7.2 below. We also reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular element of your holiday is not reached or a Force Majeure Event (as defined in clause 18 below) occurs, we may have to cancel your holiday. However, we will not cancel your travel arrangements less than eight (8) weeks before your departure date, except for reasons of a Force Majeure Event, or the minimum number of clients required for a particular element of your holiday not being reached or failure by you to pay the final balance.

7.2. If we make a major change to your travel booking before your departure, we will inform you as quickly as possible in order for you to take the appropriate decisions (which you shall inform us of as soon as possible). In such a case you will have the choice of either accepting the change of arrangements, accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from us if available (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value), or cancelling your booked holiday and receiving a full refund of all monies paid. If we do make a major change to your travel booking before the departure date and you decide to cancel your travel booking or where, for reasons other than your fault, a Force Majeure Event, as detailed in clause 18 (Circumstances beyond our control), or the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement not being reached, we cancel the travel booking before the departure date, compensation as detailed in clause 8 (Charges) below will be paid to you.

 8. Charges

Period before scheduled date of departure within which notice of Cancellation or major change is received by us or notified to you

If we make a major change to your holiday:

amount you will receive:

If we cancel your holiday:

amount you will receive:

If you cancel your holiday:

administration fee that you will be charged:

More than 70 days

Deposit only (if you have paid a deposit)

Deposit only (if you have paid a deposit)

Deposit only (if you have paid a deposit)

69 - 43 days inclusive

£10 (in addition to any deposit paid)

£10 (in addition to any deposit paid)

£40 (in addition to any deposit paid)

29 - 42 days inclusive

£20 (in addition to any deposit paid)

£20 (in addition to any deposit paid)

£100 (in addition to any deposit paid)

0 - 28 days inclusive

£40 (in addition to any deposit paid)

£40 (in addition to any deposit paid)

Full value of booking


 9. If you have a complaint

If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotelier, car hire company etc) immediately. If your complaint is not resolved at the resort or hotel, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to the easyJet Holidays Customer Services Department c/o Hangar 89, London Luton Airport, Luton, Beds LU2 9PF giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. It is strongly recommended that you communicate any complaint to the supplier of the services in question without delay whilst in resort. If you fail to follow this simple procedure they will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in resort and this may affect your rights under these Terms and any relevant easyJet or third party supplier terms and conditions.

 10. Liability

10.1. easyJet and Lowcostbeds have selected providers of the travel services comprised in your holiday using reasonable skill and care. We shall only be liable to you for the actual provision of your holiday as set out by the Package Travel Regulations, or where it is proved that we have breached a duty to use reasonable care in selecting the third party supplier and you have incurred loss or damage as a result.

10.2. Subject to clause 10.5 below, we only accept liability in any event for loss or damage which is caused by us or the supplier of any part of your booking and which is of a kind which could reasonably have been expected at the time the booking was made. We are not liable for any additional services for which you pay third party suppliers separately since these do not form part of the booking. We do not accept liability where any failure to provide any services in accordance with the contract or any other form of loss or damage is due to your own fault or that of any party named on your booking, including any failure to comply with your obligations in this contract, or is the result of our compliance with any instruction, request or direction given by you.

10.3. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the products, services, amenities, facilities and descriptions on the Website offer accurate and up to date information, we obtain this information from third party suppliers and so cannot guarantee this always to be the case. The information is given to provide a feel for the holiday you have booked. Whilst we constantly strive to achieve the highest standards of accuracy, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any minor inaccuracies that do not have a material or significant impact on your holiday. Changes are periodically added to the information held on the Website and will reflect the latest information with which we have been provided. We will do our best to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them.

10.4 The star-ratings that are shown on the Website are an illustrative guide to the overall quality of properties. We use the local authorities official ratings in each country to provide the star-ratings for each property, which should give a reasonable idea of relative standards in that country. However, different countries have different standards so do not assume that a 4-star hotel in one country is equivalent to a 4-star hotel in another.

10.5. Our liability, except in cases involving death, injury or illness, or any of your other statutory rights as a consumer that cannot be limited, shall be limited to a maximum of twice the value of your booking. Our liability will also be limited in accordance with and/or in an identical manner to any relevant international convention, including the Montreal Convention in respect of travel by air and the Paris Convention in respect of the provision of accommodation, which limit the amount of compensation that you can claim for death, injury, delay to passengers and loss, damage and delay to luggage. We are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitation of compensation contained in these or any conventions.

10.6. Under EU law (Regulation 261/2004) you have rights in some circumstances to refunds and/or compensation from your airline in cases of denied boarding, cancellation or delay to flights. Full details of these rights will be publicised at EU airports and will also be available from us. However, reimbursement in such cases will not automatically entitle you to a refund of your holiday cost. If you believe we have not complied with these rules you should complain to the Air Transport Users' Council on 020 7240 6061 or at  


11. Prompt assistance in resort

Where any elements of your holiday are not performed or are improperly performed and you suffer injury or other material loss as a result, you will be offered such prompt assistance as is reasonable in the circumstances. Initially you should contact the supplier of the relevant service, e.g. the Hotel or transfer provider. If you cannot resolve the problem with the supplier then call the emergency telephone number that can be found on your holiday confirmation and the Website. 


12. Passport, visa and immigration requirements

Your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. 


13. Excursions and other services ("Extras")

Excursions, tours or any other products and services not booked through the Website (“Extras”) that you may choose to book or pay for directly whilst you are on holiday do not form part of your holiday provided or arranged by us or any third party suppliers. For any Extras that you book, your contract will be directly with provider of those Extras (whether the operator of an excursion or tour or the supplier of products and services as the case may be). We are not responsible for the provision of Extras or for anything that happens when Extras are being provided to you by the operator and/or supplier as the case may be.l

14. Insurance

We consider travel insurance to be essential and strongly advise you to arrange for appropriate travel insurance to cover you for a comprehensive range of events including cancellation, baggage loss, accidents and health issues whilst you are away. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. We strongly advise you to read the policy details carefully and to take them with you on your holiday. 


15. Severability

If any provision or part of a provision, of these Terms is found by any court or authority of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful, otherwise invalid or unenforceable, such provision or part-provision will be struck out of these Terms and the remainder of these Terms will apply as if the offending provision or part-provision had never been agreed. 


16. Assignment

You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without our prior written consent. We may transfer any of our rights or obligations under these terms and conditions without your prior written consent. 


17. Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. All personal data that we collect from you will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We can provide a copy of our Privacy Policy upon request or alternatively please refer to the Website. 


18. Circumstances beyond our control

We shall not be in breach of these Terms, nor liable for any failure or delay in performance of any of our obligations under these Terms arising from any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances that cause a service by us to be cancelled and that are beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised by us (“Force Majeure Event”), including but not limited to any of the following:
a) acts of God, flood, earthquake, avalanche or any other natural disaster;
b) epidemic or pandemic;
c) war, threat of war, breaking off of diplomatic relations or similar actions;
d) terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots;
e) fire, explosion or malicious damage;
f) failure of equipment (but only to the extent that any of these is itself caused by a Force Majeure Event or is otherwise beyond our reasonable control);
g) extreme adverse weather conditions;
h) any labour dispute, including but not limited to strikes and industrial action; or
i) unavoidable technical problems with transport;


19. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

19.1 These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them (including all non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

19.2 Disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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